Syncro Services teams up with PitchBlue® to offer the most proven and trusted content distribution platform in the syndication industry

(New York, NY): Syncro Services announced today they have joined forces with PitchBlue®, the most advanced content distribution network and monitoring system in the broadcast industry.

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Syncro Services – Powered by PitchBlue® combines the robust PitchBlue® platform with Syncro’s renowned customer service and commitment to quality, expanding their elite cloud-based short-form distribution service to include long-form content, spreading their extensive footprint to the broadcast field.

Bill Matz, President of Syncro Services, said:

We are thrilled to be able to integrate the PitchBlue® platform for our clients. The state-of-the-art distribution of all content, along with our offerings in accessibility and ancillary services, truly makes Syncro Services a one-stop shop positioned for immense growth.

Syncro Services has two industry veterans spearheading the collaboration: Michael Hausman, Vice President of National Sales; and Jaime Rockman, CEO of J Rockman Consulting and former Vice President of CBS Worldwide Distribution (CWD). They each have extensive experience in the syndicated programming industry and are experts at integrating the PitchBlue® platform to clients’ specific distribution needs.

According to Mr. Rockman, an integral driver in the design and implementation of PitchBlue®,

We have been defining and refining the distribution experience for a long time. I am excited that Syncro and PitchBlue® have joined forces to allow us to write the next chapter of cloud based, terrestrial delivery together.

Michael Hausman’s experience was key to developing the well-respected PitchBlue® sales and customer offerings. Mr. Hausman said,

My clients are delighted to have a competitive choice in the industry and I’m happy to be able to continue to offer a platform that is proven and trusted.

Syncro Services – Powered by PitchBlue® will provide a strong solution for numerous content owners, distributors and producers worldwide as together they prepare for the 2021-2022 season. Content providers can confidently distribute syndicated programming and ads (long and short form) all powered on this efficient and reliable single platform. Magnus Sorlander, President of Chimney Vigor Group (the parent company of PitchBlue®), said,

Working together with the Syncro team and our old friends Jaime and Michael helps to ensure the PitchBlue® platform remains the most progressive platform for long-form content distribution and allows us to expand the services and potential to even greater capabilities


“… this ties in nicely with the Chimney Vigor Group vision of end-to-end services related to content creation where PitchBlue® plays a central role.

About PitchBlue®

The PitchBlue® history includes:

  • Serving media giants and content providers by delivering shows flawlessly for over a decade to virtually every station and every market in the country
  • 99.7% delivery success rate
  • 500,000+ airdates per month
  • Deployed at 1,750 local TV stations
  • Interoperability with all major automation systems and transcoding providers

Other features include:

  • Delivering up to 20 hours of HD programming every hour
  • Supports broadcasts for very short turnaround and near-live-to-air
  • Revoke or remove programs from entire distribution groups or individual stations
  • Configurable retention per show/feed


About Chimney Vigor Group

Chimney Vigor Group is today’s global, award-winning, full-service content company for film, television, commercials, and digital media. With offices in 13 cities worldwide, our 450+ talented team members represent the diverse markets we serve. Our impressive portfolio of services and products support clients’ production projects, while our technical expertise has created a marketplace for content to be dynamically shared, both locally and globally. Through combining our creative talent and efficient tech processes, we simultaneously simplify and scale up clients’ production ecosystems, dramatically cutting costs. Our products empower the creative process which has facilitated the delivery of over 6,000 outputs, in over 60 global markets, to an annual audience of over 100 million people.

CVG’s newest SaaS product, Edisen, reinvents digital media management for brand professionals. Standing firmly alongside our creative skillset, Edisen provides brands unparalleled control of their content while enabling them to produce and distribute more media within the same budget – all on a global scale and around the clock.



About Syncro Services

Syncro Services is known for a consultative approach to customer needs. The addition of large-scale program distribution expands their ability to orchestrate complex marketing content mixes across all platforms.

For over 60 years, Syncro Services has been a pioneer in content distribution. They are putting their experience to work to maximize cloud-based content management, whether it be asset management for individual clients or distribution of some of the most popular television shows in the world.

Syncro’s advanced, secure, user-friendly workflow and delivery systems are responsibly managed by real people—a personal contact, on-call and at your service.

To learn more about Syncro and PitchBlue®, please send us a message via the contact form below.

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